2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Rashan Gary


Name: Rashan Gary

Position: Edge

School: Michigan

Listed Height: 6’4

Listed Weight: 277

Strengths: Rashan Gary possesses a rare combination of size, strength, and freakish athletic traits that surpass the prototype of today’s more athletic edge prospects. He explodes out of his stance after the snap which can contribute to impressive flashes of upfield penetration and gap shooting ability. From the back side, he chases ball carriers down with relentless effort, and long strides which equates to his exceptional closing speed. When he’s the dive or pitch key, his shoulders stay square to the LOS and he slow plays it which ensures effectiveness in playing both reads. He has a considerable amount of power in his frame, as a sturdy anchor is present in the run game which allows him to not lose any ground at the POA. He can lock out at the point of attack in a consistent manner, as his punch is forceful and his length allows OT’s to have trouble accessing his chest. Gary has flexibility in his ankles and hips, while also possessing admirable hip fluidity which contributes to his elite ability to bend and change directions in a sudden manner. His quick twitch capabilities will challenge tackles at the top of the arc, and overwhelm quick sets on the interior. He has all of the physical and athletic tools to develop into a special player.

Weaknesses: With all of these traits in mind, they have not lead to any noteworthy production in his career (9.5 sacks in 2 seasons). He needs more variance in his hands, as right now his lack of variance in rush plan creates a sense of predictability in his game that allows tackles to stonewall him when they can strike him square. Inside counters need to be emphasized as a significant option, as he often relies on his traits and speed up the arc instead of polish. He can be deceived with elaborate motions, and misdirection plays which impede angles he takes to the football, and his overall ability to find it.

Overview and Insights: Rashan Gary has one of the highest ceilings in this draft, yet during his tenure at Michigan significant development was not shown. His athletic traits, and physical capabilities are eye opening, however he needs to combine them with polish in order to make considerable strides as a player. With that being said, he has the potential to be the cornerstone of an NFL defense if he can develop his hands, pass rush variance, and processing.

Round Projection: Mid 1st

Pro Comparison: Trey Flowers

Nathan Papandrea