2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Taylor Rapp

Picture Credit: 247 Sports

Picture Credit: 247 Sports

Name: Taylor Rapp

Position: S

School: Washington

Listed Height: 6’0

Listed Weight: 208

Strengths: Rapp has developed muscle mass with average body length. On the field, he displays a relentless temperament and a sense of urgency, which leads to him going all out beyond the sound of the whistle. He demonstrates disciplined pursuit angles, and can flatten his path, gather his steps, and come to balance at the contact point. When in chase mode vs the ball carrier, Rapp is able to slip and leverage himself upon blocks well enough to put himself into a position to either shed, spin away from engagement, or bend around the block. He shows an obvious effort to step down and address the ball carrier on run downs. Demonstrates a strong wrap at the tackle point and brings his weight forward with his hits. When stationed in the box, he can be an advanced key reader who works quickly into his scape and tracking process. Is deliberate to bolt downhill and lay out a devastating hit that can dislodge the ball from the offensive players hands.  From off coverage, Rapp can anticipate routes and is extremely sudden to close on the top of the route and match the break, while also showing that he can stay aware in short zones. Rapp’s ball skills pop off the screen, as he has top level read and react aptness to throws and can ID passing lanes. He’s able to shift over, and break underneath the pass catcher.

Weaknesses: Rapp is an average athlete who shows good enough short area quicks, but struggles to gain productive ground sideline to sideline.  He consistently has issues successfully carrying vertical routes due to his long speed and some hip tightness. His stiffness in his hips causes him to be hindered in his turn and run process. Due to his lack of explosiveness and hip tightness, he cannot function in a single high alignment.

Overview and Insights: Rapp has terrific grit and comprehension of the game, which allows him to marginally downsize the limitations in his skill set that are presented by a lack of explosiveness. On run downs, he shows that he can read and flow to the ball, and on passing downs, he can anticipate breaks and has quality awareness in zone. Due to his inability to cover ground at a high rate, Rapp projects to an box safety, or “robber” role where he isn't tasked with moving down the field often. He can be a serviceable starter right off the bat, while later developing into a reliable player at his position because of his sufficient processing and instincts.

Round Projection: 2nd-3rd

Ideal Fits: Seahawks, Patriots, Raiders, Colts

Pro Comparison: Patrick Chung

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser