2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Riley Ridley

Name: Riley Ridley

Position: WR

School: Georgia

Listed Height: 6’1

Listed Weight: 199

Strengths: Ridley is a longer perimeter WR who defeats coverage with precision in his routes. He releases off the LOS with refinement in his steps, and decent quickness to work away from coverage. As a route runner, he is smooth with good pacing and quicker than fast route speed. He runs tight and controlled routes with sharpness in his breaks, and sinks his hips and cuts down his steps for more fluid transitions, while being able to burst out. He times up his cuts in accordance with the CBs alignment and can adjust to cushion. Distributes out subtle fakes in his stem and can manipulate CBs into committing their hips too early. He takes advantage of undisturbed releases with decent quickness, as he has more room to develop his routes. As a pass catcher, Ridley creates a long reach, which enables him to extend and grasp the ball from the air. He understands how to get into catch positioning and has natural over-shoulder adjustment skills. He is a willing blocker out on the perimeter who displays quality effort.

Weaknesses: While Ridley is a top level technician in his routes, he was not exposed to the whole route tree at Georgia. He can further his hand usage line of scrimmage, as when he was he was pressed he had issues working free. Ridley has decent functional speed, but will struggle to create clear degrees of vertical separation.

Overview and Insights: Ridley is developed in his routes and creates a large catch radius. He is obviously an intelligent player, but needs to develop his hands at the line of scrimmage and expand his overall route tree. Ridley’s speed concerns will raise questions about how he can separate on vertical routes, but he has the route running mastery and hands to be a solid number 2 receiver once he reaches the league.

Round Projection: 2nd

Ideal Fits: Jets, Dolphins, Texans, Jaguars, Redskins, Buccaneers

Pro Comparison: Marvin Jones

Scout: Taylor Moser

Taylor Moser