2019 NFL Draft Prospect Report: Josh Allen

Picture credit: UK Athletics

Picture credit: UK Athletics

Name: Josh Allen

Position: EDGE

School: Kentucky

Listed Height: 6’5

Listed Weight: 262

Strengths: Allen wears solid upper body muscle mass and has a long reach. He is multifaceted in how he attacks and possesses quality hand usage when he chooses to deploy them. He can beat half-man with with upfield explosion, bend, and effective hands(inconsistent in that area). He is explosive in his first step, while carrying his speed up the arc to separate from Offensive Tackles. Allen displays excellent arc speed, shoulder dip, ankle flexion to shorten the edge. He is an instinctual pass rusher, as he can feel a strike coming, dip, and accelerate to beat quick and heavy punches. He shows patience when playing heads up to draw out the OT’s arms and utilize a 2 hand swipe-dip-rip. Uses his length to clear his frame and to turn blockers off his rush path. He showcases a jab, bob, or hesitation step to manipulate blockers into a misstep/overset. He can rework his hands into a rip from a stab. Fights to wrap the edge so he can swat at the ball or get the sack. Allen shows off his athleticism in backside chases down the LOS. He stays hip to hip in 1 on 1 coverage responsibilities down the field and can drop and cover the TE, slot, and RBs in zone coverage as the flat or curl defender.

Weaknesses: Allen struggles to disengage off physical blocks and can get uprooted off his base. He has inconsistent timing in his hand discharge and lets the OT get into his frame. Usage of a rush plan from Allen is lacking on a consistent basis and carrying out counter moves is an issue with him, as he can beat tackles off the ball but can fail to work any moves to get to the QB. Has issues changing direction or decelerating to meet the ball carrier. He is torqued off the ball when setting the edge if he doesn't drop his hips. He needs more discipline in how he leverages himself vs the run and how he attacks gaps downhill. Can be soft at the tackle point. Misreads the exchange point and can fall for fakes. Effort issues pop up on tape where he doesn't chase down the ball carrier. Can play high in his hips when backpedaling.

Overview and insights: Allen has had a history of taking leaps in development from one year to the next and i believe he can do that when transitioning to the next level. He is a versatile athlete that can fill the roster at multiple spots across the defense and that adds to his value. Allen illustrates high potential and can present terrorizing abilities vs NFL offenses. He projects as an ideal 3-4 OLB with the upside to be a 10 + sack a year player.

Round Projection: Top 10 pick

Ideal Fits: Cardinals, Ravens, Jets, Buccaneers

Pro Comparison: Chandler Jones

Scout: Taylor Moser